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Hi We’re Stacey & Maria Acupuncturists at Enfield Community Acupuncture.

Stacey Chapman Acupuncturist

Our clinic is set up with 3 beds and we’ll be taking care of you along side other patients. This model is known as a multi-bed or community setting, which is how acupuncture is done in China and is becoming more popular in the UK.

The advantage for you is that you receive the same quality treatment at a more affordable price.

Your consultation will be in a private space, and you don’t need to undress!



We work on a say what you pay system – where you can choose how much you pay for each session, between £25-£45.

For example, some patients come every week over a period of months and pay £25 a session, others a feeling great and just pop in once every few weeks and pay £45 for their session. You can decide what is affordable for you, no questions asked!

Opening Hours

We open Thursday Evenings 5:00-8:00pm and Friday mornings 8:30am – 12 noon.

You can book your appointment online or call on 07547202540 or email us here.

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