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What is a multi-bed clinic?

Here’s a quick run through of what happens in the multi-bed clinic.

When you first arrive, we’ll have a quick chat to see how your symptoms are, what might have changed and answer any questions you might have.

Picture of Enfield Community Acupuncture treatment roomWe’ll get you comfortable on the couch and put the needles in. It depends on what we are treating you for as to where the needles go, but generally they will be on your arms & legs, occasionally on your head or abdomen. It’s a good idea to wear loose comfortable clothes so that we can easily roll things up as needed, and then there is no reason for you to get undressed.

We’ll leave you there to relax whilst the needles stay in place. The acupuncturist will then move on to the next person and do the same for them. After a period of time – usually between 20-30 mins but can sometimes be longer – the acupuncturist will come back and take your needles out.

We’ll get you to book in your next appointment and pay on your way out.